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Insanely Gorgeous Bold Hair

You Need To Know Before Dyeing Your Hair A Bold Shade


People ask what bold hair colour suits me? Whether you want to try the use of gray like Kim Kardashian or the rocker like Cardi B, flashy hair colors are definitely in vogue. Drastic colors are not a good idea to try at home.

Bold hair color for olive and dark skin these women look very beautiful, Accidents can happen, which leads to breakage. Before dyeing your hair, there are some key things you should keep in mind, to avoid unwanted hair loss or shedding.



In the term of bold hair color first things first, you should have a professional colorist evaluate your hair, before taking the step. A colorist will look at the condition of your hair.

Choose bold hair color trends 2019 sometimes it is necessary to correct the hair before it can be dyed correctly. Not everyone comes in with virgin hair. Most people have processed their hair in one way or another before going for an intense color.

A colorist will evaluate the fiber of your hair.



Depending on the color you’re hoping to achieve, keep in mind, it may be a process over a couple visits.

For bold hair color like for example, if you have dark hair and want silver hair, that’s a look that will likely take several applications to achieve with the boldness that most celebrities are seen with. These are not overnight colors.

You’ll also want to use a protectant to reduce hair breakage. We love the CRLAB Restructuring Mask Treatment.

It adds radiance and hydration to hair. It protects and repairs hair from harsh weather, hair dyes, and perms.

And you can never go wrong with one of our long-time favorites the CRLab Hair Milk Spray. It has been specifically designed to nourish and protect the hair from UV rays and harsh conditions thanks to moringa and argan oil extracts.

At Creative Hair Lab, we recommended treatments to maintain the color.


Bold Hair Color Winter 2018

You want something bold hair color, coloring your hair makes it more vulnerable to breaking and shedding, so you’ll want to protect your investment. After care could could include a good shampoo like the CRLab Mild Shampoo.

It’s good bold hair color with highlights for color treated hair because it cleans and hydrates without damaging the scalp. The CRLab Conditioning Shampoo is also good for color treated hair because of its conditioning properties.

The CRLAB Nourishing Creme is also good to maintain your color. Its cashmere proteins will strengthen, brighten and add volume to hair.

It also detangles allowing easy combing through the hair resulting in the reduction of split ends.

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